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Suzhou GIRDER Bicycle Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, the introduction of the British bicycle brand “GIRDER,” independent design, research, and development, sales, covering the senior mountain bike, senior road bike, touring bike, electric bike, and so on. The main products of GIRDER are located in the middle and high-end 5000-20000 price range, determined to do a good job of each product to become a car worth buying at each price.

The GIRDER brand dates back to 1977 when the Edinburgh Bicycle Co-operative Society was founded in Edinburgh. Over the years, it has become one of the UK’s leading bicycle retailers, with a partner in Manchester eventually creating the “girder” brand. The “girder” brand was eventually created by the partners in Manchester. In the case of coincidence, the partners and we contact, in-depth communication and talk, and establish a cooperative relationship, after a period of cooperation, the two sides achieved a close consensus and cooperation; due to the personal reasons of the partners, the launch of the cooperation, the continuation of the spirit of the brand and the story by us, so the 2014 success of the authorization to enter the Chinese. 

GIRDER-Grad abides by the brand concept, insisting on simplifying the pursuit of riding comfort feeling. The design combines the vintage trend with modern elements, as a bicycle company with personality, what we want to do is to bring consumers refreshing products. Cycling is an attitude of life, and we, Glad, can make your attitude become a little more proud.

Entering China, GIRDER, upholding the spirit of the brand, began to expand into foreign markets, and utilized the product and quality requirements of foreign markets to improve its own ability and level, and won the unanimous praise of foreign customers.

Entering into 2020, GIRDER began to enter the domestic market, through the advanced FIT system, collected and summarized the domestic consumers of men, women and children's height, arm length, shoulder width, leg length and other data, and accordingly developed products and appearance design suitable for the domestic consumers, and gained the love of consumers, GIRDER has become a good brand in the hearts of domestic consumers.

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